Chimera update 39.63.1051 😉

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Chimera update 39.63.1051 😉


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Chimera update: 39.63.1051 - Samsung Reset Battery Status and various fixes

🔸Samsung Exynos fixes and improvements🔸

• added new Reset Battery Status procedure (available from EUB mode), which can be used to reset the battery charge cycle count after changing the battery of the phone
• fixed a bug in Repair IMEI procedure, which could revert the IMEI on reboot
• the Patch Cert procedure was updated to survive hard resets and wipes
• fixed a bug in Set Knox Guard State procedure, which could cause application crashes

🔸Samsung Qualcomm improvements🔸

More new programmers have arrived for Samsung Qualcomm. The following models and BIT versions are supported:

• Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G (SM-S9180 BIT3)
• Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite 5G (SM-G781U BITG)
• Samsung Galaxy M23 5G (SM-M236B BIT6)
• Samsung Galaxy F23 5G (SM-E236B BIT6)
• Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770F BIT9)

🔸Generic Qualcomm & MTK improvements🔸

Added a new Factory Reset procedure, which can be used to wipe user specific data from a device without switching to recovery mode. Procedures are available from EDL mode for Qualcomm devices and bootrom/preloader mode for MTK devices. It's an advanced function, which should be used as a last resort.

🔸Generic Qualcomm improvements🔸

Additional changes were made to further improve the stability of Firehose communication and the success rate of programmer handout.

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